We, the Port of Adelaide Branch of the National Trust, advocate for the conservation of our heritage through our own actions and through the support of the broader community.

The Port of Adelaide Branch of the National Trust works within the aims of the National Trust of SA. With the encouragement of the NTSA, the Branch has chosen quite deliberately to be an advocacy branch, rather than one which looks after buildings or collections. This gives our members an opportunity to relay their heritage concerns to all levels of government and to business where necessary. 

You may like to become a member of our branch. Click here to join online. Make sure you affiliate with Port of Adelaide NT branch. 


Wharf Shed 1  Graphics: Sandra Elms

The National Trust Logo


The symbol of the National Trust of Australia is a trio

of gum leaves with 2 gumnuts. The leaves are, in order of growth, an old leaf with a broken edge, which represents the past, a mature full leaf representing the present and

a smaller young leaf representing the future, as viewed through the square window of a heritage building.


The symbol represents Australia’s heritage yesterday, today and tomorrow.